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Music for your event

Welcome to Music by John

A solo pianist or a two piece act suitable for weddings and parties.

John can either play the piano at your wedding or he can provide piano and guitar backing for the very talented Jenny who is an amazing singer. 

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Solo Piano Music

Piano solo music - ideal for weddings and parties.


All types of music including rock, pop, classical and country.  

You can choose your own playlist from a choice of hundreds of songs.  Every arrangement is by John, you won't hear another recording exactly like it in the world.


John can write you a unique song using your own keywords and lyrics.


Prices start from £195 including travel expenses.   

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The JJs
Two piece

Pianist and guitarist, singer and violinist available for weddings and gigs. 

John plays the piano, guitar and bass guitar and Jenny sings and plays the violin.


They can learn any song and take requests on the day.


All types of music including rock and country.  

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