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Gardyloo pitch deck - MP4


Gardyloo by Richmond

Short film       Horror

Logline: An Edinburgh ghost tour guide, unknowingly flirting with death, must remain alert and professional on Halloween to save the souls on his tour from the gruesome ghosts that he can now interact with.

Overview: Gardyloo is a chilling and humorous ghost tour that takes place in Edinburgh. The story follows Simon, an experienced guide, and a group of tourists as they navigate the haunted streets. They encounter supernatural phenomena, uncover dark secrets, and face their fears. The script blends history, folklore, and the unexplained to create a captivating and unique story.

Summary: The screenplay follows a group of people on a ghost tour in Edinburgh on Halloween night. In the first scene, a group of men, including a stag in a pink tutu, cause a near accident on the street. The second scene introduces the main characters and their interaction with the tour guide, Simon. They visit various locations and share stories about ghosts and execution sites. In the third scene, they encounter a bloodcurdling scream, but it's revealed to be a speaker. They learn about a memorial phrase and its meaning. In the fourth scene, they see a malevolent horse-drawn carriage, and Simon takes a blurry photo.


The fifth scene takes place in Grassmarket, where Simon tells a story about haunted ghosts. A woman accuses one of the characters of being a bodysnatcher. In the sixth scene, they visit a mausoleum in Greyfriar's Graveyard where Simon encounters a death-predicting spirit, Bean-Nighe. In the seventh scene, Simon is shown as a ghost standing over his body in an ambulance. Ghosts appear and then vanish, and Simon's body starts to breathe again. The eighth scene shows the group meeting before a tour, and Simon receives a key. He asks the group about a phrase, and the scene ends with a fade to black.


Conflict and Stakes: Simon's struggle to understand his near-death experience and the supernatural encounters he has, while also dealing with the expectations of his ghost tour group and his personal life.


Overall Mood: Supernatural thriller with a comedic tone.


Unique Hook: The combination of supernatural thriller and comedy in a distinctive Edinburgh setting.


USP: Discover a chilling and humorous ghost tour like no other, as you navigate the haunted streets of Edinburgh with our knowledgeable guide, Simon. Experience supernatural encounters, uncover dark secrets, and face your fears in this innovative and captivating story that blends history, folklore, and the unexplained. With its unique characters, unexpected twists, and atmospheric descriptions, this script offers a fresh take on the genre, keeping you on the edge of your seat and eager for more.


Writing Style:

The screenplay showcases a blend of suspenseful and supernatural elements with a touch of humor, creating an engaging and atmospheric experience.  



Simon: A ghost tour guide who has a near-death experience and encounters supernatural beings.


Bean-Nighe: A death-predicting spirit from Scottish folklore who appears to Simon.


William: A man dressed as William Burke, a notorious bodysnatcher from Edinburgh's history.


Mick: A member of Simon's ghost tour group, who is initially skeptical but becomes more engaged.


Beth: Mick's wife, who is more open to the supernatural and enjoys the ghost tour.


Josh: Mick and Beth's son, who is initially bored with the ghost tour but becomes more interested as it becomes more intense.

Budget Estimate: $500,000


Target Audience Demographics: Young adults aged 18-35, fans of supernatural thrillers and horror-comedy.


Marketability: The unique blend of supernatural thriller and comedy, as well as the distinctive setting of Edinburgh, make this screenplay appealing to a wide audience.

The strong character development and engaging plot twists make this screenplay stand out in a crowded genre.

The combination of humor, horror, and mystery has proven successful in similar films, making this screenplay a strong candidate for commercial success.


Profit Potential: Moderate to high, depending on the success of marketing and distribution.

Scene strengths:

  • Effective atmosphere and setting

  • Engaging mix of supernatural and historical elements

  • Engaging dialogue

  • Unique combination of horror, mystery, and comedy

  • Effective blend of horror and comedy


Most unique situations: The most unique situations in the screenplay include the appearance of a malevolent horse-drawn carriage with no driver and horses with red eyes, the encounter with Bean-Nighe, a death-predicting spirit from Scottish folklore, and the protagonist's near-death experience and subsequent ghostly perspective.


Overall, 'Gardyloo' is a well-crafted short screenplay with a strong foundation in character development, atmosphere, and supernatural elements. It effectively maintains a consistent and engaging tone throughout while gradually developing its characters and building tension.

An Edinburgh ghost tour guide, unknowingly flirting with death, must remain alert and professional on Halloween to save the souls on his tour from the gruesome ghosts that he can now interact with.

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