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Busk it


Busk it
J Richmond

Busk it

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Busk it by John Richmond


Genres: Drama, musical, romance


LOGLINE: Tim dreams of being a rockstar, but despite being homeless opportunity knocks, and Tim must make the most of his opportunity to change his life around. 


Overview: Busk it is a poignant and moving story that follows the journey of Tim, a talented musician, and Ava, his loyal companion, as they navigate the harsh realities of homelessness while pursuing their dreams. Tim's unwavering determination to make it as a musician pushes him to perform on the streets, where his raw talent and heartfelt lyrics captivate audiences. Their journey is not without its challenges, including a violent mugging that threatens their bond. Through it all, Tim and Ava's friendship and resilience shine as they support each other through thick and thin. Ultimately, their dedication and belief in themselves lead to a life-changing opportunity that could transform their futures.


Summary: The screenplay follows the story of Tim, a struggling musician, and Ava, a supportive friend, as they navigate their challenging circumstances while pursuing their dreams. Tim sacrifices his bus fare to buy Ava cough medicine, and Ava encourages him to pursue his passion for music. Despite facing hardships like muggings and conflicts with Tim's father, they find moments of joy and hope through their music and friendship. In the end, Tim gets a chance to perform with the lead singer of Lotus and receives an invitation to their concert. The screenplay captures the bittersweet journey of Tim and Ava as they support each other and hold onto their dreams amidst adversity.


Conflict and Stakes: Tim's struggle to make a name for himself as a musician while also dealing with the challenges of homelessness and a difficult past, as well as Ava's own struggles with illness and abandonment.


Overall Mood: Emotional and uplifting, with moments of humor and levity.


Writing Style: The writing style across this screenplay is characterized by a strong emphasis on character-driven narratives, authentic dialogue, and exploration of social issues. The scenes display an intimate and realistic portrayal of everyday life, relationships, and personal growth, with a particular focus on vulnerability and resilience in the face of adversity. The screenplay combines emotional depth, witty banter, and quirky character dynamics, while also tackling complex themes such as music, family, and moral dilemmas.


USP: Discover a raw and emotional journey of resilience and dreams in a unique script that authentically portrays homelessness and the pursuit of musical success. Featuring two compelling characters, Tim and Ava, the story weaves an intimate bond between them, exploring their past, their dreams, and their struggles in a bittersweet symphony of life. With its innovative storytelling techniques, this script offers a fresh perspective on familiar themes, creating a captivating experience for its audience. Dive into the emotional depth of the narrative, and be moved by the power of music, friendship, and the human spirit.




Tim: Tim is a scruffy 25-year-old musician with a rebellious spirit and a deep passion for music. He is driven by his dreams of fame and success, but carries a lingering anger from his past. Tim is resilient, caring, and determined to pursue his dreams despite facing adversity. He has a deep emotional bond with Ava and is protective of her. His speaking style isa mix of vulnerability and determination, using straightforward and practical language with a touch of poetic flair when he sings. Tim often uses practical expressions and music-related metaphors to reflect his grounded nature.



Ava is a 23-year-old woman who exudes warmth, resilience, and vulnerability. She is hopeful and optimistic, despite her own struggles, and deeply cares for Tim. Ava's speaking style is gentle and introspective, with a touch of wistfulness and playfulness. She uses music and memories to connect with Tim, reflecting her nurturing and empathetic nature.


Most unique situations: The most unique situations in the screenplay include the portrayal of homelessness with sensitivity and nuance, the focus on the fear of being forgotten rather than the pursuit of fame, and the exploration of internal struggles and forgiveness. The scene in the war pubs and phone booth also adds a fresh perspective to the theme of internal conflict.


Physical environment: The physical environment in the screenplay is a gritty urban setting, characterized by cold, rain, and poverty. The scenes alternate between alleys, streets, and a homeless center, creating a stark contrast between the bustling city life and the marginalized existence of the homeless characters.


Culture: The cultural elements in the screenplay include music, street performance, and the camaraderie among the homeless companions. The characters often express themselves through singing and playing instruments, and the street performance culture brings people together in the midst of hardship. The cultural element of war is also present in one scene, reflecting the societal struggles and tensions.


Budget Estimate: $5-7 million


Target Audience Demographics: Young adults aged 18-35, fans of drama, music, and slice-of-life stories.


Marketability: The unique blend of music and drama, as well as the relatable and sympathetic characters, make this screenplay appealing to a wide audience.

The focus on homelessness and the struggles of young adults may limit its appeal to some audiences, but the strong emotional core and memorable characters make it a compelling watch.

The success of similar films and the growing popularity of indie music make this screenplay a strong candidate for success.


Profit Potential: Moderate to high, depending on the success of the film's marketing and distribution.

Tim dreams of being a rockstar, but despite being homeless opportunity knocks, and Tim must make the most of his opportunity to change his life around. 

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