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Faresi Island

Sci-Fi / Cerebral Thriller

Faresi Island - trailer 2022
J Richmond

Faresi Island - trailer 2022

Faresi Island pitch deck - MP4


faresi island ai.png

Faresi Island by John Richmond


Format: TV pilot      

Genre: Sci-Fi, Political, Action

Nutshell: Olympus has fallen meets Lost.

Logline: The President of the United States must learn to forgive his decisions that cost the innocent life of the son of a terrorist, who seeks revenge by killing the President’s family.


Overview: In this thrilling and suspenseful political drama, President Colin takes the oath for a second term, but not all is well. In a war-torn Kenyan village, Ekong, a soldier, watches helplessly as his son is killed in a drone strike ordered by Colin. Filled with grief and rage,

Ekong uses ViP technology to infiltrate the Department of Defense and assume Colin's identity.

On the day of the Presidential Inauguration, Ekong confronts Colin, revealing his true identity and vowing revenge. Meanwhile, Colin's family is unaware of the danger lurking so close to home. As the President and his family fly to their vacation home, their plane crashes, leaving them stranded on a deserted island.

While Colin, Ryan, Beth, Adam, and Jemima fight for survival, Ekong uses his power as the President to hunt them down. The group must now not only survive the harsh conditions of the island but also evade capture by the man who is determined to make them pay for the death of his son.


Conflict and Stakes: Colin's struggle to balance his presidential duties with his role as a father, while also dealing with the aftermath of a drone strike he ordered and the threat of Ekong's revenge. The stakes are high as the safety and well-being of Colin's family and the presidency are at risk.


Unique Hook: The combination of action, drama, and thriller elements, along with a strong cast and high-stakes plot.


Writing Style: The writing style across this screenplay is characterized by intense and high-stakes situations, concise and action-driven scenes, and a blend of philosophical conflict and moral dilemmas. The dialogue is sharp, witty, and engaging, with a focus on naturalistic and relatable conversations. The visual storytelling is immersive and intense, creating a sense of urgency and suspense. The writer's voice is characterized by a concise, descriptive narrative style and natural, conversational dialogue. It is also evident in the clear and concise direction provided for scene execution.


USP: Discover a powerful and innovative story that explores the intersection of identity, family, and politics in a world where advanced technology allows for radical transformation. This script combines high-stakes political intrigue with the emotional journey of a President trying to balance his duties with being a present father, all while navigating the consequences of drone strikes and the potential dangers of ViP technology. With its unique blend of action, suspense, and emotional depth, this story offers a fresh perspective on the political thriller genre, exploring themes of sacrifice, family, and the weight of responsibility. The authentic and relatable characters, combined with the original and fresh approach to familiar scenarios, make this script a compelling and engaging read.

Summary: After a plane crash, President Colin, his family, and their friends find themselves stranded on a deserted island. As they struggle to survive, tensions and conflicts arise within the group. Colin grapples with the responsibilities of his presidency and the guilt over a drone strike that resulted in civilian casualties. Beth, Colin's partner, is anxious and frustrated about their survival and longs to return home. Adam, their son, deals with the challenges of his father's presidency and worries about his availability as a parent. Ryan, a family friend and Secret Service agent, plays a crucial role in their rescue efforts and provides support to the group. Throughout their journey, the survivors face dangers, uncover secrets, and confront their own fears, all while striving to maintain hope and unity.




Colin: Colin is a 45-year-old man who is tall and noble. He is optimistic and hopeful, as seen in his belief that their sacrifices have led them to a better place. He has a strong bond with his wife, Beth, and is a loving father to his children.


Beth: Beth is a 39-year-old soccer mom who is caring, supportive ,and dedicated to her work. She is a loving wife and mother, always prioritizing the well-being of her family. Beth's speaking style is warm and nurturing, reflecting her role as a mother and wife.


Ekong: Ekong is a determined and ambitious individual who is intrigued by the potential of ViP technology. He is a loving father who experiences a tragic transformation from a peaceful family man to a desperate father searching for his missing son.


Scene Strengths:


  • Building tension

  • Engaging dialogue

  • Intense action

  • Emotional impact

  • High stakes


Central Conflict: The central conflict is between Colin, the President, and Ekong, a Kenyan soldier disguised as Colin. Ekong seeks revenge for his family's death, which he attributes to Colin, while Colin struggles to ensure his family's safety and deal with the consequences of a drone strike that resulted in a boy's death.


Budget Estimate: $50-70 million


Target Audience Demographics: Adults aged 18-54, fans of action, thriller movies


Marketability: It has a strong cast, a high-stakes plot, and a unique blend of action, drama, and thriller elements that will appeal to a wide audience.

The story explores timely and relevant themes of war, responsibility, and family, which will resonate with audiences.

The action and suspense elements, combined with the strong cast and high-stakes plot, make it a compelling and marketable movie.


Profit Potential: High, due to its wide appeal and potential for award nominations in the action and drama categories.

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