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Sci-Fi / Action


GO6 pitch deck - MP4


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GO6 by John Richmond


Genres: Science Fiction, Action


Format: TV Pilot


Hello. I wanted to write a TV show that I would watch influenced by some of my favorite TV shows, Quantum Leap and Dr. Who.  A show that is current and up to date with today’s scientific ideas, including, time travel, parallel universes, AI, and endless possibilities.


Logline: A courageous and brilliant scientist leads a small team to properly utilize an AI supercomputer in space so they can travel through time and jump between parallel worlds, evading Government control, to prevent Earth's demise. 


Setting: The story takes place in various time periods, ranging from 1969 to a future where time travel is possible., The story takes place in multiple locations, including New York, San Francisco, a parallel universe, and space.


Overview: GO6 is a mind-bending chronicle of a scientist's relentless pursuit to change destinies through parallel universes and time travel. The adventure starts with a tragic accident that propels John into a race against time to save his loved ones. Guided by GO6, a supercomputer, he embarks on a journey through multiple timelines and realities. Along the way, he encounters a colorful cast of characters, including a rebellious coder, a wise mentor, and a loving father, each with their own motivations and secrets. As John delves deeper into the complexities of time travel, he discovers the profound impact of his choices, grappling with the ethical implications and the fragility of human existence.


Conflict and Stakes: John's struggle to save his loved ones and prevent future tragedies, while also dealing with the consequences of altering the timeline.


Overall Mood: Suspenseful and thought-provoking


Unique Hook: The innovative blend of time travel and artificial intelligence, combined with a strong cast and compelling storyline, make this screenplay stand out.


Audience Hook: The main audience hook is the concept of time travel and parallel universes, as well as the potential risks and rewards of such a powerful technology. This concept is sure to captivate and engage viewers, keeping them invested in the narrative.


Writing Style: The screenplay combines elements of mystery, science fiction, and dialogue-driven storytelling, with a strong emphasis on character interaction and exploration of complex themes. The narrative features a blend of high-stakes conflicts, futuristic technology, and intimate conversations, creating a unique and engaging experience.


USP: Discover a captivating blend of time travel, parallel universes, and the human struggle for meaning in this groundbreaking script. Dive into the emotional journeys of complex characters, as they grapple with the consequences of manipulating destiny and the ethical implications of advanced AI. With its unique narrative techniques, this story offers a fresh perspective on the classic themes of love, loss, and redemption, taking audiences on an unforgettable ride through a richly imagined world.


Main Characters:


GO6 – (Global Optimization 6.)  It is Big Brother x 1,000,000, an AI satellite that can travel through time. It monitors computers and CCTV feeds, analyzing and calculating trillions of simulations to make sure the world and its inhabitants are exactly as they should be. 


JOHN - John (28) is a computer prodigy who is rediscovering his Catholic faith. He created GO6 but unfortunately, a Parallel John has erased his memories of GO6. John must learn to trust GO6 again, becoming GO6 incarnate.


AMY – Amy (28) is John’s wife and the mother of his child. She is a junior school teacher with a love of all things Ancient Egyptian. She loves John despite all his quirks.


LUCY – Lucy (25) has been with the GO6 surveillance team since the start. She is unique and dances to the beat of her own drum. She is proficient in computer language and codes most of the software making her the most dangerous woman on Earth with a computer.   


MIKE – Mike (54) is John’s dad and a retired Sergeant Major. Loving, caring, and proud of his son; he finances the GO6 project and has wisdom to share.   


DR. WEBBER – Dr. Webber (47) is John’s uncle who used to be a priest but is now an astrophysicist. He serves as the ethical and moral conscience of the group.


Scene strengths:


  • Engaging concept of parallel universes and time travel

  • Emotional depth and exploration of grief and redemption

  • High stakes and suspense

  • Innovative concept of time travel through a portal opening device

  • Thought-provoking dialogue


Budget Estimate: $50-70 million


Target Audience Demographics: Science fiction fans aged 18-49.


Marketability: The unique blend of time travel and artificial intelligence, combined with a strong cast and compelling storyline, make this screenplay highly marketable.

The innovative ideas and distinctive settings in this screenplay make it stand out from other science fiction films. The strong appeal to science fiction fans and the potential for award nominations make this screenplay highly marketable.


Profit Potential: High, due to strong appeal to a wide adult audience and potential for award nominations.


Stakes: The stakes are high, as John's actions with the GO6 satellite could potentially save or harm 15 billion lives. The fate of the world is at risk, and John must make difficult decisions to ensure the safety of all.

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