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Armed Tiger Delta

Historical Drama

Armed Tiger Delta - Trailer 2022
J Richmond

Armed Tiger Delta - Trailer 2022

Armed Tiger Delta Pitch Deck - MP4


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Armed Tiger Delta by John Richmond

Genre: War, Historical Drama          Format: Short film

Logline: Physical and emotional torment is endured as an American Captain is imprisoned behind enemy lines during the Russian Intervention of 1919 pushing him to the deepest and darkest corners of his mind as he preserves his top-secret mission to keep his codes safe.


Historical context:  In 1918 The Polar Bear Expedition was a contingent of 5,000 United States Army troops that landed in Russia as part of the Allied Intervention in the Russian Civil war. By April 1919 it was imperative that the Allied war material stockpiles near Arkhangelsk did not fall into Bolshevik hands. John, an Army Captain, watched helplessly as his company was ambushed while delivering the secret codes revealing the location of the stockpiles to Allied HQ.


Physical environment: The physical environment in the screenplay is primarily a war-torn setting, with various locations such as riverbanks, forests, rocky terrains, prison cells, and courtyards. These environments are often depicted as grim, oppressive, and dangerous, emphasizing the harshness and chaos of war.


Synopsis: The film opens with a fierce battle between American and Russian soldiers on a riverbank, during which a chaplain is killed while comforting a dying soldier. American soldier John, deeply affected by the chaplain's death, takes up the chaplain's collar and Bible, discarding his military insignia. He is later captured by Russian soldiers.

John is taken to a Russian prison camp, where he meets Samuel, a fellow prisoner. Samuel encourages John to give up the codes to a stockpile of supplies that John has memorized, but John refuses. Petyr, a ruthless Russian officer, tortures John and threatens to kill the other prisoners unless John gives up the codes. In a surprising turn of events, Samuel helps John escape from the prison camp. John infiltrates the American prisoners' camp and helps them escape as well.

In the end, John's actions lead to the downfall of the Russian forces and the liberation of the American prisoners.


Conflict and Stakes: The primary conflict is the battle between American and Russian soldiers, with John's inner struggle to maintain his morality amidst the violence. The stakes are high, as John and his fellow soldiers face the risk of death or capture.


Overall Mood: Dark and somber, reflecting the intensity of war and the moral struggles of the characters.


Unique Hook: The moral struggle of a chaplain in the midst of war, adding depth to the traditional war genre.


Writing Style: The writing style in this screenplay is characterized by intense action, philosophical themes, and a focus on the psychological and emotional impact of war. The dialogue is sharp, concise, and impactful, often featuring high-stakes situations and power dynamics. The visuals are gritty and realistic, portraying the harsh realities of war and the sacrifices made by soldiers.


The screenplay for 'Armed Tiger Delta' showcases a strong foundation with visually striking scenes, engaging characters, and an emotionally resonant narrative. By addressing areas of improvement such as refining the pacing, exploring character motivations, and ensuring each scene has a clear resolution, the screenplay can further enhance its strengths and captivate audiences from beginning to end.


The writer's voice throughout the screenplay is characterized by its gritty realism, introspective and emotional dialogue, and a focus on themes of faith, sacrifice, and the human cost of war.


USP: Experience a gripping tale of war, faith, and sacrifice in this innovative screenplay. With its unique blend of gritty realism, introspective dialogue, and a focus on the human cost of conflict, this story offers a fresh perspective on the World War II era. Follow the transformation of John, a brave American soldier who becomes a chaplain, as he grapples with the moral implications of war and the weight of protecting valuable codes. Witness the emotional and psychological toll of captivity on John and his fellow soldiers, as they navigate the challenges of a Russian POW camp and the loss of their faith.


This screenplay combines the intensity of war with the complexity of religious themes, creating a philosophical conflict that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its authentic characters, vivid settings, and thought-provoking narrative, this story is sure to leave a lasting impression."


Scene strengths


  • Intense emotional impact

  • Compelling character dynamics

  • Exploration of sacrifice and faith

  • Compelling plot

  • Effective portrayal of war and its impact on characters




John: An American soldier who becomes a chaplain and struggles with the moral implications of war.

Bobby: An American soldier who is captured by Russian soldiers and shows religious devotion.

Petyr: A gritty Bolshevik soldier who interrogates and threatens American soldiers.


Budget Estimate: $5 million.


Target Audience Demographics: Males aged 18-49, fans of war and action movies.


Marketability: The war genre has a proven track record of success, and the moral themes explored in this screenplay add depth and appeal to a wide audience.

The intense battle scenes and strong characters make for a thrilling and emotional experience, attracting both action and drama fans.

The unique blend of war and moral themes sets this screenplay apart from other war movies, making it a compelling choice for audiences.


Profit Potential: Moderate to high, due to the wide appeal of the war genre and the unique themes explored in this screenplay.

Physical and emotional torment is endured as an American Captain is imprisoned behind enemy lines during the Russian Intervention of 1919 pushing him to the deepest and darkest corners of his mind as he preserves his top-secret mission to keep his codes safe.

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