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J Richmond



Logline: Susan must find the courage to walk past a gang of teenage boys, otherwise she may never leave the house again.
SUSAN, 55, sits looking out of the window. She places a solitary Christmas card on the window ledge. She cuddles her dog called Smudgie and tries to find the motivation to go out. The Christmas blues are hitting her hard this year. She puts the lead on Smudgie and heads out.
On the way home she spots DEL, 12, with his mates hanging about on the corner. Del holds a football menacingly as he looks at Susan. Susan slips on the snow. Her shopping goes everywhere.  Del laughs. SIMON, 13, helps Susan up. Del aims his football at Susan and as he is about to kick it, LEO grabs it away from him.
Susan struggles up the stairs and stares out the window. Then the letterbox clanks. And again. She goes to investigate and finds 20 Christmas cards from all her neighbours. She smiles as she places them on the window ledge.

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